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OXO Productions is a small, independent video & film making company with wide-ranging experience in video production for, among others, the Evening Standard, BBC, BBC London, ITV, GMTV and Wedding TV. We have also worked on several short films and one feature film.

We offer economy, versatility, professionalism and humour in the production of film and video, either direct or sub-contract in the fulfilment of video marketing briefs in order to deliver hollywood-style footage for all occasions. Awards, conferences, dinners, exhibitions, PR and networking events, weddings, parties, music videos and openings as well as surveillance and aerial photography with our state of the art Quadcopter.

We are based in Hertfordshire but work on location throughout the UK, can film internationally and can tailor a team for the needs of each individual project.

Please call 07831 252601 or email orthodoxos@oxoproductions.co.uk
For samples please visit our YouTube channel