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We are passionate about video production, combining full production services from creative video advertising to commercial, instructional and social video clips. We cover most disciplines  across the spectrum of film, broadcast and business communication producing videos that can be viewed on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and/or TV via the internet with material tailored for each platform or application.

We can offer an economically viable alternative for those who are looking to use video for the first time. Maybe you have not yet got a budget in place or are looking to persuade a CEO or Director that video presents a significant way forward for your company or an associate company. Maybe you have been put off by quotes from other production companies and been forced to shelve an otherwise perfectly good proposal. If this sounds familiar then please come and talk to us as it is likely that we may be able to provide an answer. 

We are based in Hertfordshire but work on location throughout the UK, can film internationally and can tailor a team for the needs of each individual project.

Please call 07831 252601 or email orthodoxos@oxoproductions.co.uk
For samples please visit our YouTube channel